Oct 12 2020.

Laurie Rowe – Keto, the Rocky Mountains and Jordan Ridge Sauces are in the mix together!

In this episode we talk to Laurie Rowe, owner and founder of Jordan Ridge Sauces. She retired from her stable job as a Police dispatcher to launch her boutique line of gourmet barbecue and dipping sauces here in Western Canada.

Little did she know when embarking on this journey 3 years ago, that she would now be exporting her sauces around the world, with that little hint of Alberta cowgirl in them!

Welcome to the fourth episode of my podcast series that shines a light on how people have changed their lives and what was involved in getting themselves On Another Track.

Jordan Ridge Sauces: https://www.jordansgeneralstore.ca 

Urban Aspect Inc: https://urbanaspect.ca

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