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DSD: Radar Speed Display

light / sma​rt / pro

Reduce speed, maximize safety!

The DSD radar speed display is the ultimate speed reduction tool. In addition to displaying a vehicle’s current speed in green (provided it is below the programmed maximum speed) or in red (if exceeding the speed limit), it also shows the driver a smiling or frowning face. This feedback system was invented by DataCollect and ensures high acceptance rates among drivers. The DSD is the original!

It has modern sensor technology that can record speeds starting at 3 km/h so it can be used even in pedestrian zones.

Even better: the non-breakable, lightweight device can be installed by a single person in only 5 minutes.

3 models to choose from

Choose between 3 different DSD models with many advanced features that can be individually customized for your preference. The high-performance LED can be set in 3 colors (red, yellow, green) on the DSD light & smart. The colors red and green are available for the DSD pro.

DSD Light

High-performance display system with display of speed and smiley face. The lettering / motive above the display can be adjusted. DSD light without data recording.

DSD Smart

High-performance display system with display of speed and smiley face. The lettering / motive above the display can be adjusted. DSD smart with data recording.


Flex-Display – one or two-line LED-text

Your individual text

Red (negative) and green (positive) LED text messages

Scrolling text for longer messages

Static text or flashing mode

Benefits at a glance



The web-based program package myTrafficdata is the 

communication center for your DSD speed display system! 

Full control and secure access at all times. 

Manage all of your data wherever you are.


individually adaptable

The DSD Pro is ready for anything thanks to its flex display. Do you want to add another warning sign, such as “Slow Down, School Ahead” or “Animal Crossing”? No problem. The easy-to-use myTrafficdata software allows you to display the text of your choice on one or two lines. A truly versatile display system!


solid and robust

The new DSD speed display system is extremely robust. It boasts a weather and UV resistant plastic case and a scratch-resistant Makrolon front panel. You have never seen a more durable sign!


Your location, your choices!

Your Site, your safety message! We place your city logo, company logo, individual picture, message or skyline on the DSD.


early speed indicator

The sooner a driver sees the speed display and realises how fast they are driving, the more time they have to reduce their speed. That’s why the DSD is specifically designed to aid visibility, with 480 high-performance, built-in LEDs and numbers that are around 34-cm tall. Each LED features automatic brightness control, meaning this might just be the best display on the market.


easy installation

The lightweight DSD (6 kg for the basic version, 7.5 kg for the DSD Pro) is easy for anyone to install and improves work-safety for installations above ground level.

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