Why did the chicken cross the road? We don’t know, but it probably wasn’t to get hit by a car.

Pedestrians don’t cross the road to get hit by a car either, but it happens with alarming frequency. The number of people in Canada who died from being struck while crossing the street jumped 10.5% from 2010-2016. Thousands more are sent to the hospital with severe injuries. 

Why are these incidents on the rise? There are many factors but one big one is that both drivers and pedestrians are becoming more and more distracted by their phones. People simply aren’t paying as much attention to what they’re doing.

What if you could use that same device to help save lives instead? As LED projected crosswalk uses sensors, lights, and a phone app to warn both drivers and pedestrians of imminent danger. Let’s take a look at a few safety advantages of the system.

1. Warning Lights at the Crosswalk

Nobody wants to strike a person crossing the street but pedestrians still get hit, and at alarming rates. Often, it is for the simple reason that the driver didn’t see them. 

At night when it’s raining, it’s nearly impossible to see a person in dark clothes crossing the street. Even during the day, the angle of the sun can blind drivers for just long enough to strike someone they couldn’t see. 

The warning lights in an LED projected crosswalk can lower this risk. The system uses thermal imaging to detect when pedestrians are approaching and illuminate LED lights on either side of the crosswalk. As the driver nears, an electronic sign comes on and begins to blink to catch the driver’s attention. 

2. Drivers Slow Down

Speed is often a contributor to pedestrian accidents. Drivers are simply going to fast to stop even if they do see a person step out into the street. 

In tests of the LED system, 83.4% of drivers slowed down or stopped altogether when they saw all the lights come on. 

3. Warns Pedestrians

Distracted pedestrians share some of the blame in these types of accidents as well. People should be carefully looking both ways before crossing the street, but they don’t always do what they should.

To combat this, the system has alarms set up to warn pedestrians of approaching cars as well. 

The first line of defence is a warning sign projected on the ground when a car travelling faster than 10 km/hr is detected. This should catch the attention of someone looking at the ground — or their phone.

There is also an auditory alarm that will go off. Finally, a smartphone app will cause the pedestrian’s phone to vibrate and sound an alarm of its own.

Be Safe

The best way to protect yourself as both a pedestrian and a driver is to stay focused on what you’re doing. But if technology can be used to make our lives easier, why not use it to save some lives as well?

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