Making Canada’s Roads and Work Zones Safer

Urban Aspect Inc. specializes in innovative Intelligent Traffic Solutions for roads, highways, and bridges. We source products from all around the globe to bring Canada the latest and most up to date traffic safety technology available.

Modern display and datacollect systems for increased safety on your roads.

Traffic calming bollards, street lighting bollards and hazard and verge markers.

Internally-illuminated LED signage to enhance driver and pedestrian navigation.

Innovative solutions for traffic, conferences, and pedestrian access to improve safety.

Traffic monitoring systems for numerous applications.

We can best assist you in your intelligent traffic needs by calling us at 780-916-0067

Smart Streets
With Style

From standard traffic counts, vehicle classification, dwell and travel time measurements, we are able to find a solution for any project.  We leave no stone unturned in our aim to make Canada’s roads and work zones safer!